Richard Filc

Hamilton, ON
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I completed a 500hr certification in 2013 and have 4 years teaching experience. I'm completing another 200hr Ashtanga inspired teacher training at the moment. Right now I teach in 4 different locations for 4 different purposes, which I believe makes me diverse and adaptable as far as teaching different styles goes.

I teach at De La Sol Yoga studios (which has 2 locations in Hamilton). I also teach at Mcmaster to undergraduate students for a research study. I also taughgt a few classes this past school year at Hillfield high school to kids. And lastly, I teach at Men's Addiction Services Hamilton (MASH) to men with substance abuse disorders.

My favourite style of yoga to teach is unique to me, with elements of my Vipassana meditation coming through into my teaching. I am however very flexible and can modify my teaching to suit the needs of the clients taking the classes. I teach a range from yin, yin yang, intro classes, hatha, vinyasa flow, slow flow, and power yoga.

I'm involved in yoga research as well. Last year I completed a research project on Yoga for people with Eating Disorders, and we found very promising effects in terms of less depression, disordered eating symptoms, and more mindfulness skills.

This year I am in the process of completing another research project teaching yoga at MASH. We've found significant reductions in depression, anxiety, stress, and drug cravings along with a slight improvement in mindfulness skills. We (my research partners and I) hope to publish these results in scientific journals.

You can see my website for some more information, which is in the process of being developed.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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Richard exemplifies his 500+ hours of yoga teacher training through his well-versed knowledge of yoga anatomy and grounded spirituality. He is willing to pay close attention to your desires and needs for improvement in your yoga practice as well as your overall health and well-being. His education in neuroscience is evident as he guides you with research based advice. I am grateful that I have had the pleasure of being guided by such a genuinely caring and understanding yoga instructor.

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A thoughtful and helpful instructor

Richard is a great yoga teacher who always considers the group and the energy in the room to adjust his yoga practice accordingly. He is very helpful and explains the reasons behind a lot of the practice. I always enjoy his classes.

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Experienced and Fun Teacher

From the beginning to the end of class, Richard always taught at a steady pace and allowed us to develop our own pace. Each class a new pose was tried and he always offered alternative forms to cater to individual needs. Great teacher!

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Unique teacher

Richard taught me the very basics of yoga. He is a great teacher and offers adjustments in order to have the best practice. He teaches us to be calm in some poses that are tough, and helps us translate that to stressors in everyday life.