Richard Hammer

Cape Coral, FL
United States

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I have been teaching consistently since 2004. Class styles include easy, all levels, vigorous power, restorative, yin, yoga nidra and chair yoga.
Major workshop teachers for me have been many, including Yoganand (Pranikriya Yoga), Sally Kempton, Sara Powers (Insight Yoga), Richard Miller (iRest), Jennifer Reis, Amrit Desai (Amrit Yoga), Tias Little.

Additionally, I have a strong interest in, and studies in, Ayruveda, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. I teach a Fusion Yoga class which incorporates Qi Gong as a major focus.

Meditation is an important discipline of a yogic life. I have trained in and practice different styles - TM, Vipassana, Shambhala (Sara Powers), Insight Meditation (Jonathan Foust / Tara Brach), others.

You can find out more my style and thinking at a blog site I occasionally post to -

And I write poetry. It is a way of opening to see that which is wanting to be seen.


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