Richard-Hubert Clarke

West Midlands
United Kingdom

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Richard-Hubert has a degree in Film Making, and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Digital Media from Worcester University, and has worked as a freelance writer, media technician, film director and actor. He is a keen martial artist. Considered a prodigy by some, Richard-Hubert possesses a black sash in Southern Mantis Kung Fu, high-level grades in Karate, is vastly skilled in weaponry and holds proficiency in Shaolin Kung Fu.

During his Yoga career thus far, Richard-Hubert has taught over 2000 (commercial and private) classes to a diverse clientele, and led several advanced Yoga workshops for top yogis. He has spent 100’s of hours devouring books on philosophy to accompany his strong personal practice.

His true Yoga journey began after the vigorous Kung Fu training regime caused him to succumb to serious illness. He has long travelled a spiritual path. The ideal form has been found for mind, body and soul through the wonderful expression of yoga. Richard-Hubert intermittently resides in Birmingham UK, where he was raised.


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