Richard Warner

United Kingdom

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Over the last 20 years I have covered the principles and concepts of Tai Chi and Chi kung with Master Ding, Hatha Yoga with Jeremy Jones and Ashtanga Yoga with Danny Paradise and Ron Reid both eminent Yogis in their own field. I have been teaching for 20 years with additional qualifications in Traditional Thai Massage.

While running my own farming business and finding an affinity within the natural world of Agriculture; I founded The Retreat Holistic Living Centre. I produce quality food for the market place and forage feeds for the equine market. My farm has given me an insight into many aspects for the needs of a business to be profitable, yet sustainable; for both the land and its workers. Man and land management has been a key factor. To that end, learning to diversify and live in harmony with ones surroundings has proved an excellent tutor.

I am a privileged to be a student of Master Ding for Tai Chi and Danny Paradise for Yoga; continuing my work with them to further my own understanding.

A lineage chart shows where your teacher's knowledge has come from. As you track back up the family tree there are two important considerations that can help you decide the strength of transmission from founder to current generation (which ultimately will dictate how much information is available to you now): how capable was the historic figure?; how much knowledge were they shown by their teacher? As a student, your most important considerations will always be: Can I learn from this person standing in front of me ( do they suit me)? Can I trust my development, for the time being, to them? If the answer to either of these is no you should find another teacher as soon as possible - there are plenty out there.


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