Ricky Roehr

Kansas City, MO
United States

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Ricky turned to yoga after having several injuries from other activities such as running for 15 years as well as wear and tear from jumping all over a stage and wearing a 9 lb guitar over his shoulder for 35 years. Within a month he noticed that hot yoga was healing one thing after another. He never looked back from that point on. After many years of daily practice, he decided he had to be one of those who give back what he was given to him (the gift of yoga!) so he decided to study, train and get his teaching certification. He makes sure to maintain his own daily practice since he knows we are all students just as we are also our own best teachers. Maybe some of the more unique qualities Ricky brings as an instructor is that he has been a professional singer in Las Vegas for 30 years so has a strong speaking voice. Yet he has also been teaching meditation for over twenty years as well as having studied philosophies and cultures from all over the world for decades which adds a calming element to his teaching style. These elements give his classes a unique, calm yet empowering dimension. Some say he has a cheeky sense of humor but most of all, his passion for yoga is unquestionable!


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