Rimi Chakraborty


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I wrote over 13 drafts for my business school essay topic: "What is most important to you and why?" After earning an analytical engineering degree, then an MBA, and working in a fast-paced real estate career helping technology companies, I can now truly answer that question.

Most important to me is helping people foster deeper connections with themselves and the world around them. This idea really came into focus when I received a yoga certification in 2008 and started teaching Forrest Yoga. I was helping people connect. A seed had been planted.

Later, in 2012, as my husband and I searched for a wedding location, he took me to his hometown in the Azores for the first time. In my visits to 39 countries, this was by far the most powerful natural and untouched beauty I had ever witnessed. The combination of wildly diverse and jaw-dropping vistas, mouth-watering food and wine, and a culture of people so connected to a solid work ethic made it easy to answer the question people usually ask, What is your favorite place in the world? "Why, the Azores of course!"

Things came full circle one evening when we brainstormed about what we wanted to be "when we grew up." And so it is here we start our journey.


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