Rina Golan

United Kingdom

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I invite you to explore what it means to be well – in body, mind and spirit – and to discover how to be yourself with complete acceptance and ease.
I’m Rina Golan and I’ve been offering seasonal wellness retreats for over 15 years.
I teach holistic, yogic and ayurvedic lifeways medicine that helps you align with nature’s rhythms and bring more harmony into your life.
At the heart of my work lies yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle medicine simple practices that work with the earth’s rhythms to help you uncover your innate potential (dharma), develop emotional resilience and cultivate a sense of connection with yourself, other people and the earth.
Everything I share is based on my own experience of studying different approaches to wellness for over 2 decades. I blend contemporary science together with ancient philosophy: wisdom that has extraordinary relevance in our increasingly unbalanced era and can help realign your body, mind and spirit so you can be truly well.


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