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HFDyoga® - the result of years of teaching with a scientific approach to the methods of transformation of body and mind in practical yoga . HFDyoga®' '' has an international certificate of recognition . System HFDyoga® ' representation in the fitness and yoga centers in Moscow . Practice HFDyoga® aimed at improving the entire body with positive impact on the autonomic , hormonal and nervous system of the body .

The training program included the practice of Shamatha - quieting the mind and vipashyana ( Vipasana ) - the development of a clear awareness as an anti-stress program , which uniquely and harmoniously woven into the system of physical exercise for Classical Yoga . Especially important it is that the practice of the bus and vipashyana are present in HFDyoga® in direct and continuous transmission of the Tibetan yogis and lamas of the Kagyu tradition of ancient , which for more than a millennium preserves the live broadcast techniques from master to disciple.

Richat Idrisov - founder and director of HFDyoga®.
Trained in Russia, Europe and India - the city of Rishikesh , Bangalore, Delhi and Dehradun .

There is a direct transfer of methods and practices of Tibetan yogis and lamas of the Kagyu tradition of living with a millennial history .

Professional musician , composer, conductor .
The practice of yoga with the 2003 year.
Teaching experience more than 7 years

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