Rita Priest

Miami Beach, FL
United States
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2 Reviews

500 RYT with training in alignment based yoga, vinyasa, restorative and therapeutic


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

2 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Rita Priest is a fantastic Yoga Instructor

I am very lucky to have found Rita Priest for Yoga in Miami. While I have been doing yoga for over 20 years, I really started to understand the mechanics of the poses a LOT MORE, which made the poses easier. But I also never worked harder in yoga than working with Rita. And she makes it fun.

I worked with her 1-2x/week for the 3 months I lived in Miami Beach in 2016. I hope that I get the opportunity to return for next winter and have the chance to work with Rita.

Rita also worked with my husband, who was new to yoga. He didn't think that he would enjoy yoga, as he was inexperienced. Rita made yoga accessible for him, and fun. So regardless of level of experience, she did a terrific job.

Thank you, Rita!!!!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Look no further than Rita Priest as your yoga instructor

I am 1 of those people that read about it for years in every magazine, newspaper or blog. Yoga will calm you down, melt away your stress, and add balance to your life" are just some of the things I read about. I was advised by countless friends and doctors to try it out and I walked past hundreds of studios in NYC.
The 1 thing stopping me from going into those yoga studios was Fear. Fear of not knowing what I'm doing, fear of judgement, fear of failing.


It wasn't until my friend, certified yoga instructor Rita Priest invited me to one of her private sessions that I felt I had to push myself and just do it. I was I was nervous, timid and overwhelmed.But, seeing a difference Yoga was making in my friend's life, I too wanted to see change. So, I put fear in a box, locked it up and went. It was through Rita Priest's teaching that I learned that yoga would not only strengthen my body but can also quiet my (stressed out, anxious, "monkey mind"). What a wonderful thing! I yearned for this. From Hatha to Restorative (Loved this class) to Candlelight Yoga, Rita is the best. She knew when my body was misaligned and straightened me out. She can say a Sanskrit term, translate it into English and explain what it means.
Rita demonstrates the utmost professionalism and confidence in her teaching.
She is easygoing, Super Caring, kind, and humble.
Her positivity (and laughter) is contagious!
Rita didn't just teach me how to practice yoga, she taught me self-confidence.
*Rita was my instructor when she lived in NYC, and whenever she comes to visit I beg for a session* I have since been to public yoga events and classrooms with other people. I am not thinking about what other people think but of my own intentions, prayers and getting the pose. I never knew of any of the health benefits and how it could really help my body before and after exercising. (Finding running in 2011, yoga has really upped my game or my mpm in races!) Thanks to Rita Priest, I can finally say "I practice yoga" and mean it!
Grateful for any sessions with Rita Priest and you will be too!

Rita PriestMay 16, 2016
Thank you!

Thank you for your wonderful review. All of the things you mentioned as a student is the REASON I love to teach! Yoga has helped and healed me in so many ways and I love sharing that with my students.