Rita Schwarcz

Varsity Lakes QLD

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My original background is in Personal training, which changed over the years into a more holistic approach to health, fitness and lifestyle.
I have completed various courses in Yoga, Meditation, Pilates & Nutrition and has been teaching in Australia and Europe.
My teachings and personal experiences go back over 18 years.

Having enjoyed a yogic lifestyle for over 18 years, I understand the holistic value of a daily purna (complete yoga) practice. I teach a balanced combination of Hatha/Core Strength Vinyasa Flow yoga. Passionate about sharing this lifestyle, I integrate my broad knowledge into a variety of classes. I guide my students to create equilibrium, where body-mind and soul come together for optimal balanced lifestyle for adults and also for children. Classes are tailored to the student’s needs, goals and level of physical ability.

I believe in the importance of building each asana (pose) from the ground up to enable lightness in each asana, yet strengthen the core & work the body from the inside out. With that enabling to achieve greater results & providing and stable base to connect to who we truly are. This will assist the student to practice at a safe yet effective level to create total equilibrium.

I am available for coaching in various areas, corporate yoga, kids yoga and one-on-one yoga classes also.


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