Rivkah Miller

Giva'at Shmuel

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Rivkah is a long-time, avid fan of yoga and pilates, who always dreamed of becoming a certified yoga instructor.

In 2018, Rivkah was ready to take the plunge. Inspired by a friend, she found the Yoga Alliance-certified Kinneret Yoga training yoga course was like a breath of fresh air, providing an outlet for Rivkah to do something for herself. The more she learned, the more she understood how yoga can influence and inspire us to live our happiest lives. In 2019 Rivkah dove into the world of kids yoga and received her Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) certification.

Rivkah loves sharing her passion and the wisdom she has learned to help make positive changes to her students and the people around her. Rivkah looks forward to learning more and incorporating it into her personal practice and her classes.


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