Rob Beilfus

Washington, DC
United States
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For Rob Beilfus, yoga is more than an activity or hobby that he fell into somewhere along the way and practices every once in a while.

Rob’s journey from neophyte to teacher these past few years has been one of life-altering enlightenment. Yoga has literally changed the way he lives, facilitating a happier and more productive life. That’s why his passion is so immediately apparent to his students.

For years Rob suffered from a herniated disc and debilitating sciatica. Forget vigorous exercise – he had trouble even walking short distances.

Traditional medicine and therapy had little effect, and Rob was resigned to the idea that he would just have to deal with the chronic pain and discomfort that prevented him from enjoying the simplest of pleasures.

Then, during his job at a New York stationary store, a yoga instructor named Kristin McGee walked in and they struck up a conversation. He’d heard advice from all sorts of people over the years, but that day he took a leap of faith. Eventually he enrolled in all of her classes and was studying yoga and Pilates virtually every day.

The results were immediate – he felt better, lost 60 pounds without altering his diet, and realized the power of yoga when it’s fully incorporated into his daily routine.

His journey of discovery continues today, but now it’s to the benefit of anyone who wants to learn from someone who knows how difficult that first step can be. Rob hopes to inspire those who fear yoga is too hard . . . to help them realize that yoga is a journey taken one day at a time.

With his experience combined with his psychology background which includes an MA from The New School for Social Research, Rob is uniquely suited to help people integrate yoga into their lives.

He practices Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Power Yoga, and is certified through Faith Hunter’s embrace your flow™ YTT.

With his knowledge and passion, he has the ability to teach and inspire students no matter where they are on their personal journeys with yoga.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Genuinely Accessible to all Levels

I first found Rob through a living social or groupon and immediately fell in love with his Tuesday/Thursday AM class. I've practiced at least 1-2 times per week for about six years, but yoga is usually the "strength training" or "rest/stretch" day activity on a marathon or triathlon training schedule.


Until I found Rob's class I had teachers I would go to for the strength training and cardio days, but would avoid like the plague if I was on a rest week because I didn't feel comfortable taking it easy in that class. Rob's class is fantastic because he gives instruction for advanced poses (and many of his regulars know them now), but cues beginners/intermediates where to stay.

Rob also doesn't physically adjust people which I appreciate because sometimes I'm cheating in warrior I because I can barely stand. If multiple people are doing something wrong, then he will demo the pose and demo adjustments you should make for certain injuries. His main focus is on safety, but not at the expense of taking it too easy.

Also for those who are intimidated by chanting or super spiritual teachers, this is your class because I don't think I've heard Enya once-- the focus is more on breathing and the body.

Bottom line: Rob's class is by far the best class in the city for athletes who don't make yoga their #1 priority, but it is also great for dedicated yogis trying to get better as evidenced by his regulars who are getting better at advanced poses every Tuesday/Thursday. You can concentrate, push, take the advanced cues or you can hang out in the beginner poses and still get a good workout. I feel comfortable and challenged in that class as do my friends who are beginners.

Rob BeilfusJune 19, 2014
Thank you!

It is always awesome to have you in class!!!

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Talk about a teacher who cares about his students!

I knew the first time I unfurled my mat in Rob's class that I was probably going to like this teacher. He began the class by talking about his backstory and how he started practicing yoga. Throughout his classes, he will periodically mention how a particular pose was once hard for him, inspiring those of us still struggling to stand on two feet (much less one!) to persevere, return to the mat, and keep practicing.


For me, yoga has always been a challenge due to a physical limitation that affects how I practice. Yet, Rob didn't let me get frustrated by what I couldn't do, but rather spent time helping me figure out alternate ways to try poses. It is abundantly clear that he cares about his students and helping them progress their practices, yet he does so from a very safety-conscious perspective, which I tremendously appreciate. His classes are fun--occasionally quirky (in a good way)--and are equally a good place for someone new to yoga and an advanced practitioner looking to explore the depths of her practice to feel both challenged and inspired during and after class.

Rob BeilfusApril 12, 2014
Thanks Lauren

Lauren, you have been a huge inspiration to me with all you have overcome as well as the positive and determined way with which you tackle every challenge!

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Yoga teacher who completely reformed my practice

I first began taking classes with Rob a few months into my yoga practice. From day 1, he was friendly, safety conscious, and always willing to help me push my boundaries and experiment with new postures while being respectful of my body and its limitations. I credit Rob with reforming my entire yoga practice, and I trust him wholeheartedly. If he tells me that I can do a handstand, I believe him!

Rob BeilfusApril 11, 2014
Thank you

Laura it is a joy to have you in class!!! Thank you for your kind words!