Robert Crowley

Cooper City, FL
United States

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A practitioner, student and guide of Traditional Tantra yoga and Strala yoga. Tantra yoga is a meditative flow that uses classical posture with clever use of breath and śavasana to guide one within while balancing the entire body and mind. I teach in the traditional way that I learned during my 500 hour yoga teacher training in India.

Strala yoga is a system that ignites freedom. It utilizes continuous movement fueled by the breath so you can feel great in your body and do challenging things with ease. A true moving meditation, I learned this style from Tara Stiles during my 200 hour Strala yoga teacher training in NYC.

Whether you are looking to find wellness and health in your body and mind or curious about traditional practices, there is a yoga for everyone and I encourage you to find the one that is right for you!


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