Robert LaValle

Easton, CT
United States

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Robert La Valle is a Yoga Alliance registered instructor who comes to yoga with an extensive background as a musician, performer and public school educator. Robert’s years of experience as a musician and teacher combined with his passion for yoga provides his students a portal that can lead them towards reaching their true potential.

In brief, Robert believes that the purpose of life is to become “an instrument of Thy peace.” The gift of birth is our invitation to become active members of the great symphony of life. Robert believes that through a diligent and dedicated yoga practice we align our body, mind and spirit allowing our "divine instrument" to vibrate in perfect harmony with the universal song of joy, the song that glorifies all existence.

The challenge however is to break free from the lure of low frequency forces that limit our vision and inhibit our spiritual growth. When we recognize these distracting forces for what they are, we begin to understand their impedance on the glory of our birthright. As the mind, body and spirit align for our one true purpose, all barriers of separation disintegrate and true love prevails.

Practicing yoga with diligence and integrity leads us to honor our God given instrument. The alignment of body and mind lifts the spirit and allows us to become “an instrument of Thy peace.”


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