Roberta Petterson

Nashville, TN
United States

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Roberta began her yoga journey in the summer of 2001 with an Ashtanga class at Breathe Yoga Studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a runner, she approached the practice with strictly physical goals but quickly found the real yoga working off her mat. Roberta found yoga made her feel 10 feet tall and like she could survive anything.

As important, Roberta learned that yoga was the best way to calm anxiety, quiet a chattering mind and manage the daily stress of life.

Roberta’s yoga journey took her through a wide variety of styles including Ashtanga, power vinyasa, Baptiste, Iyengar and Kundalini. She rediscovered the spiritual side of her practice with mentor Raquel Bueno, owner of Liberation Yoga in Nashville, Tennessee.

After 12 years as a student, the time was finally right to take her practice to the next level and Roberta went through teacher training at Kali Yuga’s Yoga YoUniversity. With teachers Leah Lillios and Liz Workman Mead, Roberta focused on three main styles of yoga: flow, hot and restorative. She strongly believes anyone can do yoga and teaches a class with music, adventure and hopefully more than a few laughs. Roberta loves to help students overcome their fears and try things they never thought possible.

When she’s not sharing her love of yoga, Roberta enjoys music, exploring, food and playing with her dog, Dorothy.


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