Robyn Bragg

Columbus, OH
United States

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Robyn, RYT-200, credits yoga and meditation with changing her life, and all for the better. Beginning a regular yoga practice after childbirth, she found increased muscle tone and physical balance but was more impressed with the changes that came mentally: increased self-love and acceptance, decreased perfectionism, newfound patience, and joy that permeates and lightens up every day. Through her teaching, she hopes to help her students find not only increased physical flexibility, strength, and balance, but a calmer and more present mind with more space for love, gratitude, and discovering happiness in their everyday lives. She believes there is an appropriate yoga-practice for everyone regardless of their age, what they look like or whether or not they can touch their toes. In particular, she loves teaching those newer to yoga and helping them to develop a safe, alignment-focused yoga practice and delights in seeing them try and succeed at new things outside of their current comfort level. Robyn’s other passions include creative cooking, especially making giant vats of soup out of whatever ingredients are handy; crafting, thrift-store shopping, and exploring the city with her two young boys; and laughing, sharing stories, and seeking out new experiences with her husband and friends


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