Robyne Sarah Corcoran

Beverly Hills, CA
United States

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Every session is a practice in communing with your true, deep, personal strength. Riding the breath our bodies dance + move as a reflection of our breath/rhythm. How we breath changes how the think, which changes our body and our personal environment. Yoga is for Joy. Every moment we get a choice how we are going to act and respond to the world and what we choose created the future. The present is a gift and when we practice and Master our Breath in every moment we actively choose to positively co-create with the forces of the Universe.

Every yoga class is infused with deep and ancient, timeless wisdom. All the wisdom is present and fully known in your heart. Practicing together awakens and reminds us of the limitless power/strength and freedom/wisdom that lives within us.

Come join us and get your shine on, shining your unique brilliance, bringing alive your creative force for the world to celebrate!


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