Rogelio Peña

Boulder, CO
United States

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I am a longtime yogi, having meditated most of my adult life, and have used a mantra for over a decade. I intuitively meditated long before being introduced to yoga and the concept of meditation, and appreciate the peace of mind that comes from the physical, mental and spiritual practice of yoga. When not teaching yoga or spending time on the mat I have a full life. I practiced law for many years, write, spends time with family, and contemplate this beautiful thing we call life.

Physically active all of my life, I came to my asana practice after many years of running. I love running but grew tired of sore knees and hips, and lower back pain that came with it. As a result of my asana practice, I have regained lost flexibility and old aches and pains are a thing of the past. My passion for yoga has also inspired friends and family to experiment with yoga.

My role as a yoga teacher is to meet the student where he or she is in the present moment physically, mentally and otherwise, and to teach consciously. To be in the present moment – not thinking about the next class or what is planned for the weekend, to be nonjudgmental about students and myself, and never forget that the practice of yoga is about doing the best we can do on a particular day in a particular class. To me yoga is not about looking beautiful in a posture, not to suggest that there is anything wrong with this, but about doing each posture in a mindful way using correct form, going to your maximum expression in each posture, holding the posture at that maximum point, and breathing throughout the posture and the entire class.

My life experience constantly reminds me that the underlying thread to a successful yoga practice, and life in general, is a quiet mind. If we can find our way through the many trappings that our wonderful minds lay out for us on a daily basis, we can be true and authentic each and every time we get on the mat, we can focus on the breath, look inside ourselves as we go into and out of a posture, and accept where we are in the moment without passing judgment on how it looks or what others might think.


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