Roland Hey


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Roland is a trained, professional, very dedicated, international dancer, choreograph, yoga and meditation teacher.
He has danced on many stages around the world, including Disney Tokyo & Paris and various productions & companies in Europe and America, he also performed for Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. During his career as a performer/dancer Roland travelled extensively around the world where he experienced many different cultures, teachers, choreographers and gained much life experience from his travels.

After a more then 12 year career as a professional dancer Roland felt the need to find more balance in his hectic life. His work schedule was both physically & emotionally demanding and over time he felt the strain.
This is when Roland discoverd yoga!!!
At first he just tipped in his toes, but soon he realised that the practice of yoga was something he could fully immerse his, mind, body and spirit into. Roland first travelled to India in October 2012, there at the Himalayan Yoga Institute, , he gained his first accreditation as Raja Dhi Raja Ashtanga Yoga teacher. He returned to India in 2013 to come again dive deeper into his practice and spent several months in Rishikesh where he gained further qualifications to teach Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Power Yoga, Yin, Therapeutic Yoga as well as Pranayama & Meditation.

2014 he succesfuly gained his certification as perantal yoga teacher with yoga Vidya,

He recently got certified in Finland/Helsinki in Unnata® Aerial Yoga with Founder Michelle Dortignac,