Romey Aspden

Johannesburg GP
South Africa

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Hello Yoga Trail!! Thank you for this amazing competition <3 I am a newly qualified yoga instructor who has just made the connection between breath, body, and mindful meditation - BREAKTHROUGH!!! I love life, finally! After experiencing a terrible dependency on alcohol socially and hence struggling with self esteem issues for several years, all culminating in my beloved mother's passing - All truly spiritual experiences which thrust me into a state of consciousness. I have been pondering on life for awhile now, like most of us! And I think I have become clearer on what my life goals are: 1) I would like to connect with all souls through the compassion found in all of us - The Oneness! 2) I would like to consciously experience each moment of life to the full: the smells, the feelings, the emotions without being sidetracked by other processes and 3) To step into my divine power and speak my truth. Besides that, I love my family, my friends, my beautiful lover who has stood by my side and enhanced my inner goddess and I love FOOD with a high vibrational frequency & YOGA:-) To be ;3 With Love Always, Namaste~*


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