Roo Morgan

Chelsea, MI
United States

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Owning a business in the construction field that dealt with safety. I was on call seven days a week with two hour response times. Work overtook my life, it effected me physically, emotionally and with the connections to the people in my life. Throughout years of management and ownership, yoga was my calming rock. Yoga helped me to calm my mind, lessen sleepless nights and physical ailments due to corporate stress. Numerous events took place in a short amount of time, with support of others, I walked away from my company. When I walked away, I knew I wanted to teach the tools that yoga offers to those who cannot just walk away from the corporate life. To provide the tools to breathe and calm the mind and body, even when you are sitting at your desk
In 2015, I earned my SUP Yoga certification. Being on the water, in nature, combining breathe with the water, is amazing! I love how free one feels after class.


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