Rosie Davoli

Goodwood SA

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Rosie is an experienced yoga teacher of 15+ years, teaching a range of classes including general, pregnancy, kids and athletes.

Her classes incorporate 21st century neuroscience, physiology and anatomy, balanced with traditional yoga teachings. She brings awareness that enables you to connect with the physiological effects of your practice. You will gain an understanding of the relationship between the functions of the body, mind and emotions, and with this extraordinary experience, learn how to attain positive well-being.

Rosie’s compassionate and encouraging style will guide you to maximize the grace and mental ease in each posture. She influences her students to constantly refine their postures, to extend the feeling beyond their perceived limits. Moving to that edge of experience is where change happens in the body and mind. Rosie’s practices are constantly evolving so that your body does not become dull and unresponsive. You will awaken your senses, mind and body.