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My Love for my family is infinite. My passion for the outdoors is immeasurable. Yoga is a lifestyle. My inspiration is to share with you.

Welcome to my passionate world of yoga. I invite you to join the community of the Yoga Momma Revolution. I am offering tips and info for yoga and wellness as a lifestyle in a fun and interactive way. It is not just limited to mom's by any means but there is a lot of focus to assist busy mom's in all phases from before conception of your little one through the journey of parenting.

My Own Growth:
Of my style of teaching has evolved from a focus towards assisting people with snow sport training and outdoor sports to a comprehensive teaching of wellness and now combining that into a variety of methods for moms and moms-to-be. The most amazing miracle we can embrace in our life time!

My Background To Become a Teacher:
After practicing for several years it naturally directed me to studying and learning to become a teacher at 650hr full time teacher training course in Byron Bay, Australia. I moved to New Zealand and began the journey of continually evolving as a teacher and a student. I taught classes and ran my own business for 7 years before the new adventure of becoming a mom.

My Past Life:
Beginning the journey of motherhood started later in life for me. In the meantime, I have traveled the world, settled in New Zealand developing a natural healthy living magazine, website and yoga business. I explored the outdoors as much as I possibly could with my Husky dog in the mountains on skis, on the rock, in the wilderness and whatever came my way.

The Next Chapter:
Of my journey was meeting my amazing life partner in NZ when he came down from Colorado for a ski holiday, ha, got a little more then he planned for. Early in our relationship we found out we were having our gorgeous boy Cedar, now 2 1/2 yrs. And yes as we all get told, time flies when you have little ones.

Life is Changing and Evolving:
All the time and we have adapted our lifestyle in the outdoors with Cedar. My yoga definetley took a bit of a halt and also a complete turn around. Still teaching workshops and various hatha yoga sessions, a lot of my focus has led to teaching moms and bubs, pre-natal and soon kids yoga and retreat style workshops. While I encompass this new journey of momma yoga I decided to share it with you.

I certainly know how difficult it can be to fit yoga into a toddler filled household. My guy doesn't stop unless he is sleeping. Now I tend to fit regular short sessions in and take the opportunity of going to other teachers when I can (which currently isnt very often). This may mean I practice just 10 mins and believe me, as much as I love the ultimate 75 -90 min session, even these short periods are very beneficial. I will aim to share these with you along with lots more tips of sharing yoga with your little ones and into your lifestyle.

Please enjoy the Mommas Relaxations I will gradually be releasing online.

Happy Yoga-ing.


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