Rosslyn Kemerer

Irwin, PA
United States

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Hi there, I'm Rosslyn Kemerer, founder of Wholehearter Yoga. () I am blessed to have discovered that sharing yoga is what makes me tick. Thank you to each of my students and teachers along the way for helping me realize that dream!

Just 6 years ago, I was behind a desk feeling trapped. Though I still love graphic design, I was restless and unhappy. I started practicing yoga as an escape. I then realized that it was great cross training for running, which progressed to helping with chronic running injuries, which then began to heal my ego and competitive nature. I began to change emotionally and I learned so much about my mind and body by paying attention to them for the first time in my life. It was truly life changing. Sharing my experience was just the next step, so that I could help others who are feeling stuck.

The type of yoga that I love to teach is practical emotional therapy via the body. I enjoy studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and the many ways in which our body expresses our emotions, moods and personality. My husband, Dave, is a counselor, so we often enjoy sharing ideas and swapping various techniques for healing. I love learning new ways to facilitate a deeper understanding of our mind-body connection.


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