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Hello all!

I am a long-term yoga practitioner and a forever student of this thousands-year old practice. What most people know as yoga is the physical aspect called the asanas (or poses) and in fact is what enticed me to start practicing over 10 years ago. But as I continued to practice, I began to notice some sort of awakening. Words like acceptance, gratitude, inner peace and joy became more meaningful. It is an amazing journey to learn about one's self, so much so that I am inspired to share the way through yoga.

I believe that yoga is for EVERY BODY, whether you are young or old, an athlete or a couch potato, 100 pounds or 300, the many, many benefits for our bodies, mind and spirit will work on everyone. Through steady and faithful practice of breath work, movement and meditation, these can be achieved. Come practice with me!

Namaste :-)


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