Rowena Hunt

Hong Kong
Hong Kong S.A.R., China

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Rowena Hunt is a daily Mysore practitioner, health & wellness coach, blogger, writer and mother (not necessarily in that order), living and working in Hong Kong. She lived & loved the hedonistic lifestyle as a financial executive before realising that her body, mind & spirit were exhausted.

She subsequently decided to follow her passion and enrolled at the world’s largest nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, to study nutrition and coaching in order to become a health and wellness coach. With a background in psychology from the UK’s oldest psychology department at The University of Manchester already, she found that holistic coaching was the perfect medium for her to spread her passion for health and wellness, to enable her clients to achieve their goals and gain balance in their lives. She has continues to study yoga around the world with many renowned yoga teachers and uses yoga’s messages in her coaching, as well as a source of balance and grounding for own busy life. She believes strongly that no one lifestyle or dietary theory will suit everyone, rather that finding true health and wellness is a journey of self-discovery for each individual.

Rowena now lives in a village in Hong Kong’s Clearwater Bay Country Park, with her husband, Ross, their vibrant four year old daughter, Beatrice, and not forgetting their devoted cocker spaniel, Molly. Rowena enjoys spending time with her beloved family & friends, meditating, reading, researching new recipes, hiking in the country parks, hitting the beach in HK or abroad, or dancing around the living room with Beatrice!

She has always been a keen traveller; having explored Europe shortly after graduation, living out of a tent and covering eleven countries in three months with Ross, she later found herself in South Korea, deciding to move there simply because they had never met a Korean and knew nothing about the country! Rowena and her husband have now lived between Hong Kong and Korea for most of their adult lives whilst travelling extensively for pleasure, with Beatrice happily accompanying them. As acknowledging her roots are vital to keeping her grounded, visits to her much loved and ever-supportive family in the UK, a couple of times per year, are essential.