Roxanne Baird

Medicine Hat, AB

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Go to my website (shine8out) or Yoga You4ia's for a current schedule of the classes I teach and other offerings.

Like many people, it was the physical aspect that originally brought me to yoga. I was introduced to Ashtanga yoga and was drawn in by the physical challenge and discipline. Several years later, my steady practice helped me through a particularly difficult emotional period in my life. It was around this same time that I attended a series of Chakra yoga workshops that changed my practice and my life. Chakra yoga helped me recognize the multiple layers and magic that exists in my being. I trained in Chakra Yoga with Pyramid Yoga as a way to deepen my experience with my yoga practice and myself.

Yoga helped me to reconnect with myself and recognize my true worth. I teach to help others find this connection within themselves. My classes incorporate an emphasis on the breath, mindfulness and the energetic effects of how we move our bodies and the thoughts we hold in our minds. It is my intention to create classes that are adaptable and suitable for all students, giving you the opportunity to not only develop physical strength and flexibility, but to also experience that powerful, calm, still point within. I am grateful for the many amazing teachers and students who continually provide me with knowledge, connection and inspiration to continue along this path.


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