Roxanne Dahl

Marietta, GA
United States

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I graduated from Radiologic Technology Program in 2005. I walked into a yoga class at my local gym, and I was another person! I soon became a fixture In the yoga room. I had the desire to become an instructor, but life circumstances would put that off about 6 years. I completed my 200HR Yoga Teacher Training in March 2014, completed approx 80% of 300 HR program, however, I decided that path was not the one I was seeking. I will be beginning a new 300HR tailored to my vision as a yoga teacher in October 2015. I'm a dedicated yogi in every aspect. I want to ensure that my teaching is comes from the best training, (this includes Aerial Yoga Certification and SUP Yoga Certification) so I can teach safely, creating good space for my students for them to enjoy and embrace their personal practice. I am a guide for those who want to begin or advance their practice. I offer modifications, variations and kramas in my classes. I act as a reminder for your intention, breath and flow. I plan to continue my certifications and knowledge, allowing a wide range of interest for my students (This includes SUP Yoga to practice in the summer, and Aerial Yoga to use in a variety of ways in your practice, serving as a wonderful tool in assisting with proper alignment, as well as the fun aspect of practicing upside down!) I want any practitioner to know that when they walk into my class, it is their practice. I sequence each class to be unique and safe.

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