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Love to say that my intention is to be a (Traditional Himalayan Hatha) Yoga resource.

I personally practice & teach from yoga in the most familiar forms of yama, niyama, asana, pranyama, pratyahara, kriya, as also there is dedication in continuous learning, Self-study and research.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

23 Reviews

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Thoughts from a beginner

Everything a beginner needs to explore himself through yoga. Darius is a perfect companion for this fabulous journey, being there also by letting you alone.

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Very goob teacher

I enjoyed his yoga class a lot @ Yoga Festival in Bucharest. Very beautiful flow. Thank you, Darius!

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Great teacher, extraordinary spirit, tremendous vibration; these are only few words that discribes Darius. I highly recommend his class.

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No words needed... Just explore what you really are in a magic yoga class with Darius :)

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Spiritually oriented, Darius is THERE for your practice, supporting, guiding and explaining, not just practicing. I highly recommend his classes!


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A very good teacher

What I really appreciate about Darius is the fine balance he creates between identifying and respecting the needs of the participants, while pushing them to take the next step forward. His classes are dynamic and effective and they have a solid structure, with extensive explanations. Also, when he sings mantras, they seem to fit perfectly whatever pose you find yourself in. I'm happy I got to attend his classes because I feel this was the next step for me.

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Balanced classes

Finally a balanced class. He pays attention to proper alignment, corrects you if needed, doesn't get too impatient when you're trying to figure out which one is your left/right limb when the sequence is to fast for you to process:)) Explains what physical and/or not so physical consequences are to some techniques or postures so you don't freak out if something is out of the ordinary. There is always a chanting sequence at the end (has a great voice for that), which I really appreciate. Open to questions and to give further clarifications when needed. May(!!) seem smart-ass or full of himself at the beginning (he's not...), get passed that or you'll miss out on some osom classes. ;)
Oh, there is also complete the circle:)

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Amazing knowledge of body and spirituality

I started going to yoga classes out of curiosity and now I'm a yoga fan :)
I very much appreciate his attention for every student that attends the yoga class and explains how the positions can trigger certain emotions.
I enjoy the breathing exercises and the mediation moments.
At the end of every yoga class I go to, I fell like all the problems in the world no longer exist :)
5 stars *****

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Amazing experience

Darius leads engaging, transformative classes. He is extremely focused and invested in each participant's experience. Overall an amazing experience!

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Inspiring and knowledgeable

Darius was my teacher for a one week retreat and through him I discovered yoga. I had several classes before with at least 5-6 teachers, but it didn’t click until I went to his class. I am impressed by his dedication and patience with which he approaches the postures and especially by how he combines it with a lot of technical and in-depth explanations. He seems to always have an answer :).
Although, the fitness level of people in the retreat was very divers, Darius managed to conduct his classes to accommodate for everyone, which I found very skillful. I just think his classes are amazing.

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The best teacher for me

There are not enought words to describe his yoga classes. He is very professional and always explains us why it is important to do the poses as he tells us to. ❤❤❤What I love the most about his classes is the feeling I get at the end: a peacefull mind and an open heart. First time I ve been to his class and heard him sing some mantras, tears came to my eyes.Thank you for calming the monkey in my head :)))). Namaste🙏

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Dedicated, caring and knowledgeable.

Ruben knows his stuff and is extremely approachable, also he is always available for his students. He provides unique insights and has a lot of experience to share.

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I started going to yoga to recover from a back surgery, but after attending a few of Darius' classes, they now mean so much more than just physical exercises. I love the positive vibes of the classes and how everything is explained, I feel like he makes beginners and more experienced students fit together. I also like that there is something new to learn each time and this always makes me look forward to the next class. I feel grateful for the way I feel after, which is relaxed, but also refreshed and most importantly, at peace.

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Inspiration and Power

...these are the words that come up to my mind when I think of the yoga classes.
The yoga classes have helped me center myself a lot. I have discovered yoga for a while, but coming to your classes has helped me get more in touch with my body and my feelings (due to the explanations that came along with the practice). I have seen great improvements on the emotional side that have helped me a lot in the process of working with myself on different areas in everyday life.
The major discovery were the breathing exercises that now I cannot live without :).
Thank you!

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awesome yoga teacher

I've started going to Darius' classes about 2 years ago and I absolutely love them. He is always taking care of everybody in the class, he is very patient and always ready to answer questions.
After I got pregnant and I couldn't go to the normal classes anymore, he did some pre-natal yoga with me and encouraged me (and helped me a lot) to make my own personal practice, which I still do every day and I'm 37 weeks pregnant. Regarding pre-natal yoga he focuses a lot on mother and baby safety, breathing exercises fit for pregnancy and labor and he has a way of making the mother feel very comfortable during the class.
He is definitely one of the best teachers I've ever had (and an awesome guy) :)

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Took me to the next level

Through one week of classes twice a day, I felt my practice (and health) expanding, and my love of yoga rekindled.

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Caracterizate Ruben Darius Moldovan

Este o persoană care nu incearcă să te influenteze cu absolut nimic, ci dimpotrivă, mereu ne prezintă elemete noi pentru a ne încuraja să ne dezvoltăm o practică personală care să ni se potrivească fiecăruia.
Este foarte atent , nu forțează și nu exagerează niciodată cu nimic. Se implică prin observarea noastră la executarea corectă a activitaților, corectându-ne daca este cazul , pentru ca mai apoi să putem dobândi o practică cât mai corectă.


Este o persoana dinamică, dedicată și pasionată de ceea ce face. Nu este genul de om care sa dea doar indicații teoretice, ci din contra, ne demonstrează fiecare tehnică sau poziție despre care ne vorbește , cea ce duce la o mai mare încredere în experiența pe care o are, dovedind că știe despre ce vorbește și nu doar predică din carți.
Felul în care ne vorbește despre orice pactică , dovedește că este foarte documentat, având răspunsuri relevante pentru pentru toate întrebările care ii sunt adresate.
Este ușor cinic, scopl lui nefiind să adune adepti. Mereu vobește și se comportă la fel , fie că este cu o singură persoană, fie că este cu sala plină.
Mereu ne împartășește din experiențele lui, fiind deschis să abordeze orice subiect.
Dedicația lui fața de YOGA se reflectă în fiecare activitate, constanța și seriozitatea fiind un punct forte pentru el.

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Happy that I met you:)

I learned a lot from your classes and YOU:);
I became a more controled and emotional balanced person;and I discover myself reacting so different that I used to in some situations.
My life is better now:)
Thank u

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The Best Yoga Teacher in Cluj

Darius Yogi is a very kind and careful teacher, he adapts his classes to his students's levels and explains very good before he invites us to dive into the experience, I think he is a balanced person and I value his guidance, it is a pleasure and inspiration to learn and grow into my own practice in his classes.

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Very dedicated and inspiring

He is very dedicated, helpful and inspiring.
Because of him i practice not only at his classes, but at home as well.
He helped me understand it and love it.
Great teacher.

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Very good teacher !

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Big Up!

Spiritual knowledge, smart, honest and all the qualities for a good teacher!

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I enjoy very much the taste of India in these classes! Each session surprises me with a unique structure, new elements, plenty of teachings, intensity and adjustments. There are pranayama exercices, asanas anatomy well described, and especially yoga philosophy. Thank you!