Yoga is not just a physical practice that one does on one's mat, the trick is to take your practice off the mat and apply the teachings in your daily life. Yoga can support you during physical or emotional challenges, the big obstacle however is to overcome the constant yapping of the peanut gallery in the mind.
I am a traditional Hatha Yoga teacher and have been practicing yoga for many years. I've been teaching for the last 6 years and it has changed my life. I did my training through Shakti Yoga in Broadacres, Johannesburg and I havn't looked back.
This is my wish for you; to try something new and allow it to transform your life, like yoga did for me.


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Fun Yoga

Rulene is an excellent Yoga teacher, patient, explains well what to do, really enjoyable doing Yoga with her.

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Rulene is an amazing and inspiring yoga teacher. Always feel rejuvenated and lighter after her class. Love her!

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An excellent yoga instructor!

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A wonderful asset to TransformHERS Yoga

Rulene is a vibrant individual with such a love for yoga and for helping others. She is a hands on teacher that gives excellent individual attention and guidance in a group class. We are so happy to have Rulene leading TransformHERS Yoga :) Keep up the great work, Ru!

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"Wild Child"

LOVELY, beautiful sense of humour, great instruction, a gentle teacher with the odd challenge thrown in for good measure incorporating a deep spiritual side not to mention the combination of Deeksha dimples :)

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Sweet and strong vibes

Rulene is a great teacher:

She has a very good flow, both natural and sophisticated because she is always looking for bringing to her students the best of her experience. She also always wants to learn more to give more... Yoga is life, and life is experimentation, beauty and joy: that is what she teaches.
Her flow is supported by a very balanced voice: both sweet and firm. Her voice is a special and beautiful instrument to give peace and energy...

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I have been practicing with Rulene for over a year now. In this time she has guided me by helping me better understand myself and my body. I have a love for Yoga that has been nourished by a wonderful teacher .

Rulene MoolmanAugust 21, 2014
and then 'OM' some more.

Thanks so so much for the review dear Cinds.
and thanks for being such an amazing student. You teach me a lot!

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The best yoga instructor ever!

Rulene gives an amazing yoga class that focuses on balance. You feel like your body as well as your mind has had a full work out and you leave her class feeling motivated, stress free and healthier!

Rulene MoolmanAugust 21, 2014
The best nail artist/beautician/kinesiologist ever!

Thanks so much C.
I really appreciate your support.
And I am so happy that you are enjoying the yoga.
It's a real gift to find something one likes!
See you in soon in Down Dog.