Ruslan Kleytman

Miami, FL
United States

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Ruslan Kleytman, ERYT 500, is a senior Vinyasa Krama

Yoga teacher, a devoted yogi, gifted body worker, martial

artist and an avid acroyogi. Ruslan’s teaching method is a

systematic approach to spiritual evolution based on the

key principles of classical yoga. This method embraces a

holistic approach to yoga, working on development of all

levels of being; physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual

and spiritual. He recognizes yoga practice as a method of

liberation and Self-realization and empowers his students

with a harmonious, balanced practice aimed at creating

the most fertile environment for meditation. He is a

creator of internationally recognized Vinyasa Krama Yoga

Teacher training program (200-hour – 500-hour) and

responsible for hundreds of certified students around the