Ruth Lampman

Port Dover, ON

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Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor (1999)
Cardiac Yoga® Instructor (2000)
Certified Hatha Master Yoga Instructor (2001)
Certified Reiki Practitioner (2001)
Certified Aromatology Practitioner (2014)
started practicing yoga following a video tape in 1995 because it said that it focused on the breath, which I was always short of. I practiced using the same tape for 3 years. I loved the peace I found in practicing yoga.

I went to my first yoga class with a live instructor at a Sivananda Yoga centre in Toronto in 1998 and I was amazed by my experiences. From then on, I needed to know and experience more. I continued advancing through the levels.

I lived in a tent for a month at Ashram in Val Morin, QC while in the basic teacher’s training. After that, I took a Cardiac Yoga ® teacher’s training at an Ashram in West Virginia. Then, I went back and obtained a Master’s certificate in Val Morin. Still wanting to dive deeper, I went back to Ashram in West Virginia and lived in a tent for truly blissful 3 months.

Feeling so blessed, I went to India the following year. I was on mission to learn and share deep, fulfilling, transformative and healing love. For a month of the India experience, I went to Calcutta to volunteer at Mother Teresa’s Home of the Sick and Dying.

I finished off my journey to India in Rishekish, where I spent days in Guru Sivananda's library full of vast knowledge, taking notes and soaking in as much as I could.

The methods that I have learnt through the years continuously and increasingly brings me to a state of profound peace, appreciation, and acceptance.

I believe that by sharing yoga, that I give the greatest gift one could ever give, the experience of profound peace and understanding.


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