Ruth Oliver

Melbourne VIC

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My journey over the last twenty years has included being a Yoga and Pilates teacher, stress management and wellness coach, meditation teacher, self-esteem and conflict resolution mentor, mother and partner; and has laid the foundation on which my classes, courses and workshops and retreats are based.

I am a level II Integrative Restoration® meditation teacher and am passionate about bringing mind-body awareness to others. I have taught in Australia’s leading fitness and health venues and presented at national conferences, where I teach other trainers to teach classes incorporating mind and body.

I run classes, courses, workshops and retreats for people from all walks of life and have developed programs for corporates in both public and private industries teaching well-being at work, meditation and stress management. Having seen the strain people often work under in large companies and the levels of stress that are predominant in society, I believe we can enjoy life a lot more when these issues are addressed and we are proactive about our well-being.

The purpose of my work is to help others to find positive, meaningful, permanent change in their lives. I am passionate about educating and enabling others to refine their inner compass and to learn skills and tools to be responsible for their inner happiness, peace and contentment in any environment. My approach is contemporary and my work draws upon many years of personal inquiry and study of mind, body and spirit.

I have worked in this field for the past twenty years building a strong and broad client base. I have my own studio where I run workshops and courses and facilitate one on one coaching, as well as working in the corporate field.


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