Ruth Pirie

Thirlmere NSW

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I came to yoga as a new mum needing some time away to simply breathe, relax and revitalise. This beautiful practice soon offered me the physical benefits of strengthening and balancing my body, while assisting me to gain great mental clarity. Yoga was my constant and my baseline while working through PND during my first few years of motherhood. Today, I am guided in multiple ways through the ancient wisdom of this profound practice. Through deepening my personal practice, I began to live life with a deep sense of gratitude while experiencing the benefits of being truly present. I approach my daily life with the perspective of mindfulness and weave this into my teaching. Yoga has taken me on the path of self-awareness, guiding me to discover and connect with my true essence and authenticity each day.

My teaching style is nonjudgmental, nurturing and inviting and my classes encourage the growth of students physically, mentally and spiritually by encouraging them to discover their own bodies and minds more while exploring their own self-knowledge. My classes will guide you to challenge yourself through mindful movements which hold a balance between effort and ease, thus allowing you to connect with the space of calm and stillness that we all hold within. You will leave the practice feeling nourished, energised, balanced and renewed.