Alison Blair

Berkeley, CA
United States
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It is amazing that I have developed such a passion for yoga, when my practice started as just the opposite. This is one of the reasons I know I can help people find this sometimes not-so-obvious desire for wellness within.

This passion has led me to become certified by Yogi Hari's Ashram - a 200 hour Teaching Certification - a very intensive thorough course that is recognized by the Yoga Alliance, the certifying institution in the industry.

I love yoga and I believe this: Yoga Solves Everything.

Please note that my hourly rate can vary depending on the number of students and the frequency of each student.

In general, I am an athletic and active person. I have been playing soccer all of my life and also excelled in cheerleading and gymnastics, enabling me to go even further in yoga. I have several notable achievements in these areas. Perhaps though, the most completely fulfilling is my journey in yoga! You do not have to be "athletic" to do yoga. Recognize that you have already come far by looking for it on my page :)

I have a base yoga sequence that Yogi Hari gives to all of his students around the world. Depending on the students level, I can build on that for the advanced or even bring it down with beginner as well as elderly or debilitated students. It starts with a basic warm up then breathing exercises, to asanas, strengthening and toning, ending with final relaxation. At the end, students feel rejuvenated and happy.

There are all different types of yoga. I have done several kinds and can customize depending on the student. After class, students will feel that they got a good stretch and workout. Most of all, they will feel happy.