Ryan Daniel Smith

Washington, DC
United States

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Ryan has been a student and practitioner of the healing arts for more than half his life. Starting in therapeutic massage, then qigong healing and its clinical applications, next yoga, exploring a wide variety of it styles and modern expressions. He spent over a decade studying, moving and breathing with many of todays great global yogis such as Shiva Rea, Jo Tastula, Matt Pesendian, and Guru Muhk while living in Los Angeles, California. Ryan is presently engaged in SMARTflow advanced yoga teacher training with Annie Carpenter in Oakland, CA. SMARTflow practice is rooted in classical yoga and informed by modern science.

Ryan delivers a well-rounded, heart-centered practice. He aims to empower and inspire others to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing and to practice yoga with love, patience and intelligence. His classes bring together mindful movement with enlightened attention to alignment. He views Yoga as a tool for self-inquiry and care, believing that the process provides invaluable tools for making every day of life more peaceful and enjoyable. Always a health-giving workout for mind and body, expect to be challenged and delighted.
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