Ryan Kenny

Portland, OR
United States

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Ryan serendipitously discovered the power of meditation over ten years ago while experimenting with Zen techniques as he trained for a marathon. Out of this moving meditation practice grew an embodied appreciation and passion for mindfulness. He has since sought instruction from a variety of Eastern wisdom traditions and Western professional trainings to gain greater understanding of the inner-workings of the mind and to help others develop healthy qualities of mind and well-being.

Ryan holds a Masters Degree in Social Work with a focus in Mental Health from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He studied neuroscience at the Center For Investigating Healthy Minds, received instructor training from UMASS's Center for Mindfulness and Mindful Schools in Northern CA. He also developed mindfulness curricula for public school teachers and students, and has had the privilege of teaching stress reducing meditation techniques to veterans of the Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam wars.

Ryan is cofounder of Pause Meditation, LLC and currently works as a mental health counselor in a local crisis center. He provides guided meditation instruction throughout Portland in a number of secular settings for all ages and skill levels.


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