Sabina Ahuja

Bangkok 10110

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Sabina joined her first yoga class at the age of 19 thinking that it was a perfect way to lose weight and for many years she was practicing yoga as an exercise purpose. Although yoga has been a part of her life in and out for over 10 years, she fully commit to yoga wholeheartedly for its true purpose in 2013 when she had undergone an ovarian surgery which changed her life forever. Seeking to heal her body, mind and emotions, she started learning Reiki, Meditation and Crystal Healing which helps her tremendously when practicing yoga.

Sabina became curious about the story of each pose, which part of the body is benefiting from the pose and which ‘chakra’ or energy point is being activated. All this learning because she wanted to balance her emotions and hormones, to live a happy, healthy life.

She drove away from fitness oriented yoga classes and dwell into self-practice, creating sequence from her heart, fusing the practice with affirmations and mindfulness for her total well-being. Sabina took a leap of faith to quit her full time job as a Wedding Planner for a luxury resort in Phuket to pursue her passion forsharing knowledge on yoga and more. She travelled to Dharamshala, India, home to the Dalai Lama and completed the Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training Course, there she learned how to apply the practice of Reiki, Crystal, Yoga, Music and Affirmation into one.

Sabina offers Hatha, Gentle and Vinyasa Flow classes in studios and private classes on a daily basis. Each class is designed to help you feel centred and connected with your inner self. Adding ‘pranayama’ or breathing techniques to help you release tress from your daily life and gentle to medium paced sequence to help you strengthen and increase flexibility in your body.

Much like her personality, positive and encouraging, Sabina enjoys to themed the class with can-do affirmations, guided meditations, incorporating crystals into the private sessions as she sees fit. No class is ever the same and very much like life, it is a journey to understanding our self with each class.


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