Sabine Satyabhama Paul

Bibbiena/Casentino AR

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I'm Sabine, I'm a Yogateacher, woman, wife, mother, grandmother and an passionate cook of organic vegetarian food. Years back, because of my interest in healing in a holistic and alternative way and in prevention, I started to practice Hatha-Yoga, but only 15 years later when I met my present-day teacher Gabriella Cella Al Chamali and got to know her Yoga-Ratna method did my true passion for yoga emerge.

I was overwhelmed, disturbed and transformed. Having frequented various of her workshops I decided to enroll in her (School for yoga-ratna teachers), in the 4-year high-quality teaching course. perceiving and accepting one’s own limits and then gradually increasing (with patience and constant practice) the capacity of the body.
The last years I completed, and I still continue to do it, my training with the "Therapeutic Wisdom of Yoga" with Doug Keller and others.


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