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Out of a very successful job for more than 20 years (investementbanking and public relations) I decided for a change to fill the gap in my life to find happiness and peace within myself in this nowadays loud and fast external world. I found these characteristics not only in practicing but also in teaching yoga: when you see your students succeeding in getting better, whatever their goal may be, their lives are changing too and they have smiling happy So we spread our "Dhamma" which includes happiness and pI am teaching internationally in several schools and private - California/USA, studios in Austria (Vienna and Graz), Istanbul/Turkey, Gothenburg/Sweden, Geneva/Switzerland, studios in Germany (Stuttgart, Munich) and Italy (Rome, Bologna,Padova, Milano)
It is always a pleasure to be reinvited to/from the studios I taught before and see how students to all around us. To be a little part of it is more reward than money ever can do.

Teaching yoga is my passion.


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