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Founder, director and teacher
From an early age, he felt attracted to Eastern philosophy and spirituality. In yoga, he found the path he was looking for. He has travelled much of India where he has learned and experienced the main types of yoga.

He is certified as a yoga teacher by AEPY and has trained at the YOGA RESEARCH INSTITUTE in Mysore (India). He has learned different styles and methods but specialized in Ashtanga Yoga and has extensive experience in Iyengar and Hatha Yoga. He has studied with great teachers in India (K. Kulkani , V. Seshadri , BNS Iyengar…) and in Europe (L. Miele , J. Scott, D. Swanson, Babakar Khane…).

Sadânanda started teaching yoga in 1986. Authorized to transmit the teaching of yoga by his Master Dr. P. Kumar, from whom he received the name Sadânanda in 2002, he has also studied psychotherapy, vibration therapy and numerology. He teaches in different Spanish cities and in India.

He promotes the Satyam Yoga® method through his vast experience and studies in Eastern philosophy and universal wisdom. Satyam Yoga allows practitioners to experience the benefits of yoga at all levels.


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