Sadie Webster

Ottawa, ON

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I've been inspired by movement since a young age, taking up dance when I was ten. I've always liked to move my body fluidly and dance was the perfect outlet to learn to trust my body's innate wisdom as it moved through space. Dance is very much about letting go to express yourself. When I first started yoga it seemed more structured and less about expression. It wasn't until I began to take my personal, home-practice seriously that I began to experiment with movement within the realms of Yoga. This is when I discovered just how fluid and expressive Yoga can be.

The typical structure in many classes is of warm ups, sun salutations, a peak pose and cool down. More and more I feel called to throw that model out the window and, when I do, I find myself in a state of flow. It's a natural progression of poses that honours the creative process, that honours the body's intuition and honours flow, which I believe is the ultimate lesson: learning to go with the flow. Yoga is a wonderful tool for that.


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