Sadie Williams

United Kingdom

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Starflower Yoga was founded by Sadie Rhea Williams, a professionally trained hatha yoga teacher, ayurvedic practitioner and reiki master, who initially studied as a scientist and
worked in the energy industry. Over time, she became more and more conscience stricken and distressed about the misuse of power for external gain within the corporate organisations.

Staying in an environment that was becoming detrimental to her health causing anxiety, depression, back pain, IBS and low self-esteem became a concern. She had started practicing
yoga and attending workshops in Reiki and various forms of meditation which were proving of great benefit both physically and mentally. She went on to train as a Yoga teacher in the UK,
continuing to work full time. She discovered that yoga philosophy aimed to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit and became a passionate student of all Indian philosophy including the bhagvad gita and the Vedic scriptures this was the inspiration to take a step out of the rat race and become a student in India.


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