Sadye Clark

Dighton, MA
United States

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I discovered yoga and mediation shortly after landing my dream job in the entertainment industry. What started as an incredible opportunity, quickly burnt me out, leaving me isolated and disillusioned. Looking for a work out I attended a yoga class, but discovered something with much more value. I was overwhelmed with the physical and emotional balance yoga provided me. Feeling completely hooked, I sought to deepen my practice and discovered the teachings of gurus like Sadhguru and Maharishi Mahes. It was as if the world had opened up for me.
After privately practicing yoga and meditation for sixteen years, I felt the draw to share the comfort and confidence I have found through yoga and meditation with others. With a personal vow to teach with equity, kindness, compassion, and understanding,my meditation, energy balancing yoga, and world view apply traditional methods to our modern world, practically and straightforwardly. I encourage growth of the physical and spiritual self, both on and off the mat.

Week of October 18TH

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