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I grew up around yoga, my mother is a yoga teacher and she influenced me throughout my life, always emphasising the importance of being true to who you are physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I have always loved being physical, from a young age I started ballet and danced for most of my teen years and during this time I started doing yoga for core strength, breath work and peace of mind.

For me the gift of Yoga is union with all that life is for us, be it challenging, joyful, deep, and honest.
Yoga has changed the way I see and conduct my life.
I teach a combination of Hatha, Vinyasa and Prana flow Yoga, as well as Yin restorative and SUP yoga.

My commitment is to guide each student to understand their body and how to explore and discover the full capacity of their practice, in an environment that is supportive, challenging, fun, and safe.

I run a company with Emily a very dear friend of mine, called Live Lotus Love. We run Yoga and Health Retreats in Bali, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Australia and soon we hope to also run retreats in Thailand as well.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

33 Reviews

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Amazing & Lovely Teacher

Saffron is such a great and beautiful teacher. I can feel I have learned and progressed a lot during my retreat with her. She is also a beautiful and kind person and she radiates positivity and grace through her teachings.

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Wonderful Teacher

I had the pleasure of spending a week with Saffron in Sri Lanka, and thoroughly enjoyed her classes. They are well structured, with different focus points, offer a nice variety and always something new. Saffron is great at making sure everyone in the class is safe and teaches according to people's abilities. And she is a lovely person to be around. I wish I could attend classes with her all the time! If you get the chance to attend a class - do so!

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Very intense Yoga-Retreat

Saffron is highly knowledgeable, very kind, absolutely dedicated, well-experienced and sensible teacher. I very much so enjoyed one week of classes with her and would recommend anyone to take classes with her at any time.

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Saffron in Sri Lanka

I recently went on a week-long yoga retreat at Talalla Retreat in Sri Lanka, which was taught by Saffron and her mother Martine. I have been practising yoga for a year but only once a week so am no expert, but it didn't matter because Saffron and Martine were wonderful at teaching me and guiding my practise.


There were different levels of experience in the class and Saffron and Martine catered to all of them, providing different options and positions depending on what level you were comfortable at.

Along with being great teachers, who encouraged you to take your time and try new things, Saffron and Martin were both lovely and friendly outside the class and our yoga group actually ended up having meals together most days. Which was lovely.

I can't recommend them highly enough and have already raved about them to everyone I know. We are already looking into another retreat where Saffron and Martine will be teaching as we enjoyed it so much.

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Extremely professional, friendly and warm teacher

I met Saffron at Talalla yoga and surf retreat in Sri Lanka where I was staying with my boyfriend for two nights. I ended up taking 3 yoga classes with Saffron as was so impressed by her teaching. She is clearly very experienced with a lot of knowledge about yoga. I'm fairly experienced myself but she taught me a few new postures and adjustments which was great. I found her very warm and open too. She came up and introduced herself at the begininning of the first class and remembered my name straight away which was a lovely attention to detail that shows she is a very dedicated practitioner.

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go there and enjoy!

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Saffron was my instructor during a retreat in Sri Lanka. It was my first experience with yoga and I could not have asked for a better instructor!

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Saffron i s one of the best yogateacher I ever have had.
I dont move three of the sliders because i dont know exactely what it means.
Thank yoy for a wonderful week.

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yoga class in talalla resort in february 2015

Saffron is one of the best yoga teachers I have ever met. She is quite experienced and knows a lot about the philosophy of yoga and the physical impacts of each asana on the body. I can strongly recommend her classes for young and older students. Because she is quite empathic and aware of the individual limits of each body experienced yogis and beginners both can improve their skills by attending her physical challenging and spiritual rich classes.

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Every session was perfect!

I spent a week doing yoga in Bali with Saffron, and every session was perfect. Her classes are challenging, energizing, and physically and emotionally restorative. During past yoga retreats, I have often felt that instructors just go through the motions. Saffron was very dedicated to improving our practice even though she would only see us for a short time. I wish she was my local yoga instructor! She delivered the perfect combination of technique, demonstration, and individual help.


People in our class ranged from beginners to experienced, and she created the perfect environment for everyone to be challenged, yet safe. Saffron is an excellent yoga instructor, and I highly recommend her. I am looking forward to attending more retreats that she will be teaching at! Thank you!

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Private class

I found Saffron to be very helpful and understanding in tailoring a class to suit my needs and work within my limitations. I would not hesitate in recommending her for all levels of ability or mobility. Her easy and warm manner made it a delight to work with her.

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A true teacher

I first took classes with Saffron in Sri Lanka in January, and she was so great I came back to take private lessons with her on my next holiday. I think it's wonderful that yoga has become so popular and mainstream, but the downside is it can be difficult to find quality teachers. Being "good" at practicing yoga isn't the same as being good at teaching, but Saffron is both of these, working with her was wonderful, both mentally and physically, and she really helped me deepen into my practice and have a better understanding of my body. It was just really great to be able to work with a teacher who not just has a passion for yoga but is also very knowledgable. I would ( and will!) follow her anywhere. Highly, highly recommended.

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Inspirational teacher

Thank you dear Saffron for the great time we spent with you , i had the best experience in yoga during that retreat i learned a lot of techniques and new poses that you made us do easily and effortlessly , your calmness and wisdom your knowledge and your voice gave me and everyone i'm sure the best that we can get from a Yoga retreat . Lots of love

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Beautiful soul

A very kind hearted yogi, there is a positive flow that goes about her yoga classes. Helps you live the moment, love the movement. <3

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Saffron-the best introduction to yoga ;))))

I had the most incredible experiencing in Saffrons lessons during my time in Bali. Im an absolute beginner and I felt completely relaxed and supported throughout the lessons. Saffron would always explain everything very clearly and would demonstrate each move so I never felt lost in the classes. What's more, she's such a wonderful, kind and thoughtful person. She was helpful both in the classes and with anything else. She spent time after each class answering questions and helping those who wanted further demonstrations. I am now back in london and am about to look for a yoga studio here and I just hope they meet my expectations because Saffron has set the bar incredibly high ;)

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Retreats with magnificent Saff!

Both retreats were amazing Saff - thank you for you dedication, patience and beautiful practice every day. I have to thank you for playing big role in myself reaching the level of spiritual development where i am now. Deeply grateful.
Absolutely loved our chakras balancing classes in Bali, your stamina, graceful and balanced personality. You are an example of real yogi to me.
One small suggestion if you allow - you may as well include more "wild" elements into classes with challenging new poses, inversions and other crazy things:). I enjoy your usually well balanced and structured classes but don't mind to experiment together as well sometimes!
Namaste from all my heart

Much love to you & mum xxx

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Saffron is an excellent teacher and doing Yoga with her was a wonderful experience. In just one week during our retreat in Bali I felt a huge improvement in my balance and strength. Her way of showing the postures and her description of the steps are so precise that she doesn't need to be hands on and I could follow without even having to look at her. So she explains extremely well and demonstrates even better.
She is also very graceful in her movement and is a great role model.

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brilliant teacher

as someone who joined Saffrons retreat having never done yoga before, I was completely blown away. The classes were challenging but each move was explained and I was given a lot of support throughout all the classes. I gained a lot of insight into the yoga practice on both a physical and spiritual level. After one week in Saffrons classes I'm a hooked yogi ;)))

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A wonderful teacher and such a beautiful person

Saffron is an amazing yoga teacher. She is extremely soft, caring, patient and really helps you to progress a lot.
I have done 2 yoga retreats with Saffron and I loved everything about it each time. I also can't wait to join Saffron's next retreat as each time I feel better and stronger in my mind and my body.

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I enjoyed my time with Saffron immensely. Her calmness and serenity are incredible characteristics in a yoga teacher and I greatly appreciated that she erred on the side of caution when my back wasn't doing too well.

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Very inspiring

Saffron is a beautiful and inspiring yoga teacher. She gave me so much motivation for my practice. I always felt safe and supported. I learned many more other aspects of Yoga. Through her teaching I felt even more inspired finishing my yoga teacher and training and taking all the benefits of Yoga to other people.
Thank you Saffron, for being part of my yoga journey. i do hope that I will meet you some day, somewhere again!

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Great teacher, good for all levels of yoga.

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Best yoga teacher I've ever had the pleasure of being taught by!

Saffron is such a delight to know and be taught by. The instant ease and relaxed you feel around her is very comforting and her classes are very enjoyable.

You don't just get a really good work out, but you also concentrate on the spiritual side of yoga which a lot of western style yoga has sadly forgotten about. I highly recommend Saffron to everyone looking for a very well balanced, supportive and friendly class! A*******

I'm already planning my return trip to Sri Lanka to see Saffron and Martine again!

Lots of love, Trish x

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I EnjoY your yoga class