Sahar Zaky

Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

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Sahar is 200 RYT certified Yoga instructor.

From a very young age, Sahar knew that she loves to move and soon realized that if she is not moving, she is not living. She has nurtured her joy of physical movement through gymnastics, classical ballet and several other forms of dance during her childhood and teenage years.

It wasn't until years later in her mid-twenties that she walked into her first yoga class not knowing how stepping onto a mat that day would set her on a new brighter journey. It was love at first sight. Yoga let her move in ways she never had before! Since that day she has developed a strong dedicated practice both on and off the mat.

Sahar is passionate about sharing this precious gift of yoga with others. She particularly likes to teach a very flowy Power Vinyasa Yoga style through mindful and joyful movements. She loves the mix of powerful and calming sequences which are gracefully linked by the breath and with an emphasis on both alignment and building strength, stability and flexibility.

Sahar teaches Yoga with a caring, playful and dynamic approach. She also approaches her teaching with humour, warmth and compassion. She encourages her students to gently challenge themselves and develop a strong practice as she believes that It is only when you are pushed at the edge of your comfort zone that you reconnect with your true self and you discover your incredible potential and capabilities.

Sahar always makes sure that her students leave the classroom feeling light, eased and deeply relaxed yet invigorated and refreshed.