Sally-Anne Reynolds

United Kingdom
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Teaching in London, Sri Lanka, and around the globe, Sally-Anne brings high energy and good vibes to her classes.

Based in Hackney, Sally-Anne teaches all over London, bringing her dynamic, flowing vinyasa to studios, offices and private homes alike.

Whether practiced to a soothing soundtrack or her trade mark uplifting beat, Sally-Anne's classes incorporate the wisdom of Ayurveda (the Indian Science of Life), tailoring to the needs of the individual and alternating between grounding, strengthening, soothing and invigorating sequences.

Sally-Anne's love for yoga began age 6, practising with her Aromatherapist mother. Her influences include Jivamukti, Lara Baumann, Claire Missingham and Mischa Varmuza.

"Students of all levels, ages, shapes and sizes can expect to have fun in my classes. You will improve flexibility, strengthen and tone, while also becoming more conscious, mindfully connecting with your inner self".

Email for more information or to arrange corporate yoga for your workplace, private one-to-ones or group classes.

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