Sally Belmont

Sydney NSW

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Sally Belmont :: Restorative Yoga Sydney

Sally is a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and Reiki II practitioner, with close to 35 years of experience in yoga,deep relaxation and recent years, she has brought in knowledge and experience with aromatherapy,holistic health,spiritual healing and metaphysics to complement her Reiki treatments and Private Sessions.

Sally spent more than two decades in the UK and the US where she gained her yoga teacher certification with Lex Gillan at the Yoga Institute, in Houston Texas and her Reiki I and II Initiations with Gigi Benanti at the Angelic Healing Touch Centre in Norwalk, Connecticut.(2001)

Sally's personal Yoga and Reiki practices have relieved her chronic back problems,influenced her work as a designer,helped her raise three children and help facilitate healing with is passionate about bringing balance and harmony into the lives of others for health and wellbeing.


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