Sally Rageh

Giza Governorate GZ

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7 years ago is when Sally Rageh's journey with yoga began. It was obvious from her first class, that this was exactly what her heart have Longed for. She passionately experience many styles of yoga, such as, vinyasa, ashtanga, yin, indra, hatha and air yoga to mention a few. That's when she decided to venture on her teaching journey and take a 200 hour hatha yoga course in Egypt with deep (Indian master hatha healing yoga). She is also an air yoga teacher, practicing skills such as hanging from ceilings and stretching squences, minimising spinal compression.

Yoga is about exploring and learning through fun and playful ways, combined with her passion of kids, Sally decided to start a kids yoga class. Through kids yoga, your child can strengthen their concentration, confidence, and body awareness, as well as learning vital relaxation techniques that will be deeply helpful now and in their future as adults.


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