Salma Darling

East Sussex
United Kingdom

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Salma has been practicing Scaravelli-inspired Hatha yoga since 1997, training with a variety of teachers including Gary Carter, Peter Blackaby, Esther Myers, Monica Voss, Diane Long and John Stirk. Her approach to yoga integrates mindfulness into the exploration of asanas (postures); inviting sustained awareness and kindness to the fullness of experience in body, mind and heart.

Through releasing into our relationship with gravity we let go, learning to trust the body’s innate ability to unfold, harmonise and find peace. With surrender to the earth beneath us and breath awareness, the spine naturally elongates, breath becomes free, and we find lightness. This brings about openness and softness in the body, allowing the body to function with greater ease. There is invitation to explore asanas through their transitions with creativity, playfulness and fluidity.

Sessions begin and end with guided mindfulness providing the inner resources that support us in integration, focus and calm, which allows natural wisdom to arise. Mindful yoga also gives us the resources for ongoing ease of being as we step into daily life. Through attention in movement and stillness moment to moment we re-learn inhabiting embodied awareness as a springboard to live from, sensitively and with vitality.

This style of yoga is suitable for every-body, whatever your level of agility and whether an experienced yogi or complete beginner. It is ideal for anyone who may find more strenuous forms of yoga too challenging, or those with an existing yoga practice who want to integrate mindfulness. Students are invited to start where they are and unfold with their unique being.

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